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Yard of the Month

front yard

Meticulously maintained with not so much as a blade of grass out of place, this home on Colina Vista has been on our Yard of the Month list for a while now. It is not uncommon to see owners Soraya and Ali Ganji out there working tirelessly on it, dutifully pulling weeds, hand watering, or planting flowers. Their love for the yard is immense, and evident in every bud that blooms. Now retired, Ali and Soraya are both able to spend an ample amount of time in their yard, and they enjoy every minute of the work and care they pour into it. 

the bench and dusty miller

While Ali’s domain lay largely in selecting hardscape and other design features, including an eye-catching flat stone walkway that can be found beautifully embedded amongst the lush lawn, Soraya’s passion has always been with the flowers. She has personally planted nearly every tree and bush, and she joyfully spends her days with dirt under her nails tending to it all. 

the stone pathway

Over the years the Ganji’s front yard has gone through many changes and looks; be it from Soraya frequently changing out plants to find which grows happiest, or in the design.

close up of the silver dollar

A few years ago they decided to make their yard a little more sustainable and manageable by trading out half of the lawn for brilliant white gravel, which makes for a dramatic backdrop to both the Purple Beautyberry tree and New Zealand Tea tree.

Full of a variety of plants such as Mexican Heather, Silver Dollar, Dusty Miller, and more, the most prominent feature of this yard, without question, has to be the three towering Queen Palm trees. They stand sentinel over the yard and draw you in to admire the lawns many other beauties. 

A big thank you to the Ganji’s for being our Yard of the Month. It was a pleasure to meet you!

close up of the Purple beautyberry

details on the birdbath

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