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Yard of the Month

Thank you to Beth and Edward McNeilly on Timberlane, you have been named our November Yard of the Month!

Front of home with walkway

When the McNeilly's bought their beautiful home here in Fountainwood they lucked out with a front yard that had already been tastefully landscaped. The design is simple yet inviting, proving that sometimes understated is a statement in its own right.

What begs for your attention in this yard is the hardscape walkway. Cutting a path through the always perfect turf to the front door, the circular red brick steps are off set just enough to keep it visually intriguing, but not so off that they are a hinderance to walk up. These steps are one of Beth and Edward's favorite features, they love the subtle twist on the familiar and the elegantly wild plants that line its sides.

It truly is the plants that give this yard it's eye-catching pop. The pathway and courtyard are both lined with a variety of mostly drought tolerant plants such as New Zealand Flax, Candelilla, Wild Garlic, English Lavender, and Rosemary- the latter two combining for a heavenly aroma that wafts through the yard.

A mature Sweetgum tree looms high overhead on the far side of the courtyard and provides both shade and beauty, especially right now as its leaves have turned a bright burgundy for fall!

Another favorite feature is the water fountain in the center of the courtyard. I think we can all agree that there are few sounds as peaceful as running water, and the McNeilly family has greatly appreciated listening to their fountain while enjoying their yard!

Ed and Beth adore their home, and they want their friends on Timberlane to know that they love them and are grateful to have them as neighbors! Knowing a few of their neighbors, we too can attest that they do indeed have some lovely ones!

Thank you so much to the McNeilly family for sharing their home with us!

Brought to you by:

Jessica Carter l DRE #01490419 l 818.590.4246 l

"Your Fountainwood neighbor and local area specialist"

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