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Yard of the Month

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Congratulations to Marc and Allyson Bennett of Colina Vista, you are our Yard of the Month!

This yard is along my walking path, and I swear every time I went past it throughout the month of April it just got better and better looking! However, it wasn't long ago that this drought tolerant masterpiece was naught but an idea and a dream.

The previous lawn was hard to maintain due to the homes south facing nature, so the Bennett's decided it was time to take advantage of the LVMWD water rebate program.

They honed in on what they liked by viewing other drought tolerant yards in the area and spending quality time on websites that focus on drought resistant plants and design (Inland Valley Garden Planner was a favorite). Installed just last August, I must say it is quite the glow-up, and we have all enjoyed seeing how much this yard has already evolved over its short lifetime!

Full of succulents, you'll find an array of Aloe, Salvia, Lantana, Sea Lavender, Rock Purslane, Blue Finger, Butterfly Bush, Bougainvillea, Firecracker Penstemon, Moonshine Yarrow, and even some of our state flower, the California Poppy. This yard has quite the bouquet blooming in it!

They chose to use rocks over mulch because they are low maintenance and rarely need replacement.

One of Allyson's personal favorite design features is the dry creek, and I must say I agree. Working with the natural slope of the yard, water already seemed to gravitate to this area which now has a lovely creek bed to catch it.

The Bennett's worked with Tom Hollow of 24kt Green on the design. 24Kt Green is an owner operated, local landscaping company based out of Newbury Park. Like their work? You can reach them by calling 805-377-5364 or by visiting their website.

Allyson really did a lot of research while developing the concept for this yard, she has been a wealth of knowledge. One other thing she mentioned that I believe you might find interesting is Decomposed Granite. They used Decomposed Granite to extend their driveway area and their atrium. It is more economical than concrete and is actually allowed as part of the rebate process. Concrete is not. Good to know!

Thank you for sharing your home with us, Bennett Family!

If you have a neighbor you would like to nominate for Yard of the Month please shoot us an email at

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