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Yard of the Month

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Congratulations to John and Denise on Eagleton for being the proud homeowners of our very first Yard of the Month!

You've no doubt noticed this yard while walking along Eagleton. The subtle yet pleasing

design of the front garden instantly catches your attention. Clean and contemporary, this garden full of vibrant succulents is a perfect match to the home behind it.

I personally love balance and symmetry, and this garden and house go together in perfect harmony. The crisp clean lines of white trim pops against the neutral, yet brilliant color choice of Legendary Grey and creates the perfect backdrop for the succulents to shine. This complementary palate is a classic and timeless look that will survive the ebbs and flows of popular trends for years to come.

Statement pieces work best when they help accentuate a space, and this red front door is no exception. Just the right amount of bold and color, it helps highlight the red tones found in some of the succulents.

And can we please just take a moment to appreciate the choice in hardscape? It truly is the perfect compliment to the homes other features and continues the seamless, cohesive look.

The garden boasts an array of cacti and succulents including: yucca, aloe, kangaroo paw, paddle plant, agave, aeonium cyclops, and rock purslane.

A much loved aspect of the garden is the Palo Verde tree. Native to the American Southwest, it fits in perfectly with the succulents.

This yard has so many beautiful features vying for your attention that it is easy to overlook the utility access. Many homes in Fountainwood have similar challenges and this yard offers some great ideas on how to camouflage by way of distraction.

Like what you see? John and Denise hired the Agoura Hills based landscaping business The Golden Tree to create this masterpiece, hardscape and all. You can contact them by clicking here, or give them a call at 818.874.9069.

I'd like to say thank you once more to John and Denise for being so kind and letting me ask all the questions and take all the pictures!

In order to protect their privacy, the exact address of this yard has not been mentioned, however, the address CAN be found in the newsletter that will be delivered to your door.

See a yard you like? Nominate your neighbors! Or yourself, we don't care. Send your suggestions to

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