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The Great Race is Coming to Town. Here's How it will Affect You

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

This Saturday (yes, tomorrow, I like to really push my deadline), April 2nd the 37th annual Dole Great Race will once again pound our streets! Literally. Our streets. The 10k and 5k courses both go through Fountainwood. This means you can expect road closures and lots of runners. Here is what you need to know:

What Time Will The Roads Be Closed?

It depends on the road, but plan on 5:15 am until 11 am.

Closed Roads (that directly affect Fountainwood)

Thousand Oaks Blvd east of Kanan 5:15-11am.

Carell Ave 5:30 am until 11 am

Idle Dr 5:30 to 11 am

Kanan Rd northbound will be restricted to the west lane and the Sheriff's Department will be assisting drivers at each intersection.

Of course if you have lived in the neighborhood for awhile you know that more of our roads are involved in the race then those mentioned. These roads will remain open but runners will have police escorts that will stop traffic as necessary, so make sure you are alert and paying attention.

Roads Also Affected

Race starts at 7:28 am and will head north on Carell and come down Hollow Brook Ave, turn right onto Calmfield, then take a left at Eagleton before exiting the neighborhood. The latest I would expect to see any runners on these streets during the 10k is 7:45 am, unless something crazy happens.

Race starts at 9:05 am and will follow the same course as the 10k until reaching Eagleton. Instead of turning left and exiting the neighborhood, they will turn right and run up Eagleton until the intersection with Acadia. Runners will run the length of Acadia to Timberlane. From Timberlane they will turn onto Pinewood and effectively exit our neighborhood. I would expect the latest you will see runners in the neighborhood to be 9:30. I think most will easily be out before then, but 5k's tend to have a few walkers in the mix.


All of the races end at Chumash Park. If you would like to enjoy the festivities with the runners I'd head over there around 8:30 and cheer on the runners as they cross the finish lines! Parking will be extremely limited, so walk or car pool over. Speaking as a runner, and as someone who will be participating in the 5k this year, please feel free to cheer on runners as they past your houses! Cheers are always welcome and lift runners spirits. Especially those of us who are wildly out of shape and will need all the encouragement they can get to get through this race. I say this for a friend.

The Great Race has been running in Agoura Hills for 37 years and is a major donor to local schools and charities. It has won numerous awards and is even voted the #1 Running event in Lost Angeles and the 10k is ranked in the top 10 in the US by Runner's World. We hope you will go out and support the racers and consider running or volunteering next year. It is such an incredible opportunity to have such a distinguished race literally in our backyard!

Really old photo of me just before the finish of the St. George Marathon. The article looked weird without a photo, so this is what you get. I was cool once.

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