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That's How The Cookie Crumbls- Crumbl Has Opened in Westlake Village!

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Rejoice! Cookie lovers, the day has FINALLY arrived! After what feels like years of being teased that a Crumbl franchise would be opening in Westlake Village, the oven doors have officially opened and my sister can stop her monthly spying on the building for updates. Crumble in Westlake Village is OPEN!

Normally we prefer to feature restaurants unique to the area, but we are making an exception this month because we have been big fans of Crumbl since 2019 and we are just so dang excited to finally have one so close to home. For those who have never heard of it, Crumbl is a Utah based cookie chain that is quickly sweeping the nation. Their jumbo sized cookies are sold as single, 4 pack, 6 pack, or 12 pack boxes. Cookies are sold warm, giving them a "fresh from the oven" feel; with exception to the cookies that are best served chilled, of course.

What really sets Crumbl apart from their competitors (and is an ingenious marketing move) is their rotating menu. Each week they sell 6 flavors of cookies. You can always count on them to have their warm Chocolate Chip Cookie each week (it's milk chocolate, fyi), but the rest of the cookies are specialty flavors and they change out weekly. Flavors can range from traditional, like Oatmeal Raisin, to exotic, like Waffle. Yes, waffle. Like the breakfast food. It looks like a waffle, tastes like a waffle, and is served with a little pat of whipped butter and a side of maple syrup and is absolutely delicious. It is one of my all time favorite cookies they make. I don't know exact number of specialty cookies they have created, but according to this blog there are over 200. You'll notice most weeks have a running theme of sorts (at the time of writing the theme is "country fair"), and every Sunday their official Instagram account drops a video of the upcoming week's specials that will leave you drooling.

As you can imagine, the Westlake shop has been a very popular spot since it's grand opening in July. A short, but at times long, line out of the door is to be expected at the moment, and while they are constantly mixing and baking cookies, they do at times temporarily run out of flavors throughout the day. Supply and demand can be hard to keep up with when it tastes this good! So until the newness wears off, a little patience may be required during your visit.

More than just cookies, stores also sell "Crumbl Cream" which is ice cream inspired from popular cookie flavors. And no cookie store would be complete without an abundant supply of milk. They have everything you need to fully enjoy every bite!

Crumbl is located at 30768 Russell Ranch Rd in Westlake Village, across from Target. They are open Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 10 pm, and Friday and Saturday from 8 am to midnight. Stores are always closed on Sundays. Try them out and let us know which cookie is your favorite!

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