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Take a Hike! Wishbone Trail in Westlake

The weather is nice and the flowers are blooming! If you are looking for a local hike heavy on the floral accents, look no further than the Wishbone trail in Westlake Village. Located less than 10 minutes away from our neighborhood, this loop trail offers spectacular views and flowers for days!

Trailhead Location: Yarrow Family YMCA. Head to the far end of the baseball fields. You will see a rock with a small plaque announcing the trailhead.

You can just make out the small plaque denoting the trailhead on the rock in this photo

Distance: Hard to find a straight answer and I forgot to track it. I'd guesstimate 2.5 miles

Time: 60-90 minutes depending on your pace and photo taking stops

Difficulty: Easy to moderate. Some steep inclines, but nothing too crazy. Kid friendly, but I wouldn't take a stroller

What to Expect

Don't let the name confuse you, you've possibly heard this hike referred to as Windmill Canyon. I know it was confusing for me while doing research. There is very little if any shade, so be sure to take plenty of water and be prepared to experience full sun for the duration of your hike. There are a few benches along the trail, but for the most part there are not too many places to stop and rest, though trust me the frequent stops to take photos will keep you from needing any additional breaks!

Many of the flowers are actually weeds, and if you have sensitive skin they may irritate you if you get too close. Being that part of the trail is nearly overgrown by these weeds (not that I am complaining, it was beautiful! Like a sea of flowers), contact with these irritants is almost guaranteed. I would recommend you wear protective clothing if this will be a concern.

Believe it or not, they are standing on the trail! It all but disappeared at this point, but it was there

The Fiddleneck and Black Mustard was in abundance for much of the hike

Important to Know

You can out and back this trail or make it a loop. Either way, you'll end up back at the YMCA. Dogs are allowed as long as they are on leash. Be mindful if you do take Fido, there have been snake sightings on this trail, keep pets and kids close. There are restrooms available at the trailhead, but none along the way. Bikers are also allowed to use this trail, be sure to step aside if you see/hear them as they have the right of way. We didn't encounter any while we hiked, in fact, the only other people we saw were a group of city workers doing maintenance on the trail.

As always, be sure to practice LEAVE NO TRACE while enjoying this trail and enjoy your hike!

Arroyo Lupine and California Poppies dotted the trail

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