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Restaurant of the Month- Adobe Cantina

Anyone else ever get stuck in a restaurant rut, or is that just our family? It can't just be us, we all do it, right? Go to the same restaurants over and over. Order the same meal over and over. Sure there is comfort in familiarity, but this is no way to live! If you are looking to mix up your lunch date routine a little, than this monthly feature will be for you! We are challenging ourselves to get out there and try new eateries and we hope you will join us on this adventure! First up, Adobe Cantina.

This was our first visit to Adobe Cantina, we thought maybe it was a newer restaurant because we had never heard of it. So you can just imagine our surprise when we found out they have been open at this location since 1997. Yeah, over 20 years. When we mentioned the restaurant to some friends they all started talking about what dishes and drinks they like to order when they go there, so apparently we have been VERY out of the loop on this one. See, this is the problem when you go to the same restaurants over and over. I digress, moving on...

Located at 29100 Agoura Rd, you'll find Adobe Cantina picturesquely nestled up against the hillside. The iconic Agoura Hills landmark Lady Face looms over the restaurant from just a short distance away. If you are a fan of outdoor dining then this restaurant is an absolute must visit for you. Two large outdoor patios on either side of the building provide ample outdoor seating and the scenery surrounding the restaurant is quite beautiful and serene. While we ate a couple of green parrots flew overhead and played amongst the trees. Yeah, parrots! Or some sort of larger green bird, I don't know what kind exactly. They were pretty. It was actually quite a nice touch and really added to the ambiance.

Like every good Mexican restaurant that ever was, we were given complimentary chips and salsa upon being seated. Two thumbs up for the salsa.

Jessica sipped on the La Roja margarita while we waited for our food. This was hands down the prettiest drink I think I have ever seen. That color! Made with Corralejo Silver, Prickly Pear juice, Cointreau, and fresh lime it packed a rather strong punch...seriously, if you are a light weight, ask them to go easy!

The large menu features all of your favorite Mexican dishes. We enjoyed a burrito, steak fajitas, and mole chicken. Generally speaking mole isn't my favorite, but my brother-in-law raved about it, said it was the best mole he'd ever had. Portions were more than filling and everything was delicious. Bonus: it all arrived quickly, which was good, because we were starving!

We would definitely visit Adobe Cantina again, and we would encourage you to give it a go! But first... on to new establishments! Do you have a restaurant suggestion? Then send it our way! Hope you have a delicious month!

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