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Oh, Kale No! You Haven't Tried Clean Juice Yet?!

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Just around the corner from our homes, this month's restaurant of the month is a recent newcomer to Agoura Hills, Clean Juice! Ever since we moved here my husband has been saying we need a juice shop by Ralph's. Well, now his wish has come true. Clean Juice opened its doors just last month, but it is already quickly establishing itself as a go to for many. Clean Juice is actually a chain juice bar, with the vast majority of its locations being on the East coast. In fact, this is only the second franchise to open here in California and it is owned and operated by local Agoura Hills residents Alexa and Mark Potloff and is a full-on family affair. Several members of the family work here daily, and they could not be a nicer bunch. Alexa greets the regulars by name and is always a friendly face to see. She is always full of energy and good cheer... must be all that juice she drinks!

Clean Juice prides itself on using only clean ingredients, everything is organic and you won't find processed items on the menu. Rather than sweeten their drinks with refined sugar and questionable sweeteners, they use natural substances like maple syrup, dates, and of course the fruit itself. There are several juice options to choose from, including protein infused juices. So far my favorite juice is The Youthful One, though I hear good things about The Creamsicle One. Cold Press juices are always well stocked and ready for quick purchase. Recently my sister Amanda (who is responsible for much of this newsletter), and I did the Immunity juice cleanse to try and knock out the cold we caught that has been going around. We're not sure if it helped speed up the process, but we have never been more hydrated in our lives, which is always a good thing. Surprisingly, the juice kept us full throughout the day (we had to drink A LOT of it), and it really did influence us to make better eating choices after. For a few days, anyway.

Don't worry, Clean Juice has more than just juice. They also have a delicious menu and between Amanda and I we have eaten our way through much of it!

So far the only sandwich we have tried is the Egg Salad one, which was quite tasty. They also have wraps, and we have taste tested each and every one. While all were yummy, our favorite one was hands down the Sweet and Savory. Don't recognize it from their menu? It's existence is kind of a secret, you can only find it on the app. So. Good. Provolone cheese, chicken, spinach, date, walnuts, and green goddess dressing, it is just the perfect blend and we highly recommend it. They also have Toasts, Salads, and Acai Bowls. The Acai Bowls are BIG and they are DENSE. They will definitely fill you up! Whether you are looking for a guiltless sweet treat or a quick, healthy meal, Clean Juice has you covered! Store Hours: M-F 7 am to 8 pm Sat 8 am to 8 pm Sun 9 am to 6 pm

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