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May Yard of the Month

House with poppies

If you had the pleasure of driving down Acadia Avenue during the month of April you no doubt noticed our May Yard of the Month. Brimming to the hilt with bright orange poppies, it is no surprise that this home on Dargan has earned this distinction.

lots of poppies

up close poppy shot

In 2014 Rich and Bobette Ambrose decided to lose the grass for something more sustainable and natural to the area. Today their yard boasts an array of plants, all of which (save the roses) are native to California. You'll of course find plenty of poppies, but mixed amongst them you will also notice Desert Mallow, Bee's Bliss Sage, Dwarf Coyote, Deer Grass, and much more. Many of the plants were bought from the Theodore Payne Foundation. Their nursery in Sun Valley specializes in native plants, and is a great recourse for anymore looking to follow the Ambrose's foot steps. Or lack there of, don't trample the flowers!

Front yard

Richard is an esteemed ecology and sustainability expert, and we learned a lot just speaking with him about his yard. Some interesting facts we learned:

  • Birch trees only last for about 15 years in this climate before they die. So if you are considering them for your yard, you may want to reconsider.

  • Planting native plants are of course more eco friendly, but did you know they also attract birds? It makes sense, of course our local birds will prefer native offerings. So if you enjoy bird watching, consider adding some bush sunflower or golden currant to your yard.

  • We learned a lot about the life cycle of poppies. When given proper care you can expect poppy fields to bloom twice in a year. Since this is their natural habitat, it doesn't take much effort to ensure a healthy harvest, especially in home gardens.

some flowers

Unfortunately the life of a poppy is quite short, and the Ambrose's garden has already started the cycle of drying out so the plants can release their thousands (yes, thousands) of seeds. If you missed their stunning display, don't despair. You can expect their garden to come alive again with vibrant orange buds this fall. A big thank you again to Rich and Bobette for having us over!

a bee in flowers

Brought to you by:

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"Your Fountainwood neighbor and local area specialist"

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