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March Yard of the Month

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Congratulations to some of our newest Fountainwood neighbors, Megan and Geo for being named our March Yard of the Month! Welcome to the neighborhood!

Megan and Geo are very grateful to the previous owners of their home for all of the hard work they put into creating this masterpiece of a front yard. They get to reap all of the rewards without any of the headaches of renovating, lucky them! So given the circumstances one might think this is where our story would end, but fret not, dear neighbors. I happen to know these former owners! So pull up a chair, it's story time.

The Before

There is a good chance many of you knew the Mackay's. They called Fountainwood their home for well over 30 years and raised their 5 children here. As you can see, before this yard became a drought tolerant dream it had trees. And those trees had roots. And those roots...well, they were doing some damage. So clearly they had to go.

Seen here, some of the victims of the roots. Those suckers stretched all the way to the backyard! This side wall came down as a causality of the great root reckoning. And the sprinkler lines... Well, it's best we don't talk about the sprinkler lines.

Spencer Mackay is quite the artist and drew this sketch of the yard that was used as a blueprint for the renovations. They worked with Miguel Pineda at MAP Landscaping to make their vision a reality. Miguel accompanied them to commercial nurseries to purchase the plants at wholesale and aided them in selecting the boulders. If you'd like to commission Miguel for help with your own yard you can reach him at 805-443-4115.

The After

Talk about a glow up, so pretty! Hearty succulents have replaced the trees and gravel now covers the ground.

An impressive Candelabra Aloe plant adds some color to the yard

A Jerusalem Thorn Paloverde tree plays a front and center staring roll

A word of parting advice from the Mackay's: If you are considering a similar project for your yard, reach out to the Las Virgenes Water Company BEFORE you start ANY renovations. Seriously, like don't even pick a blade of grass, don't even look at it! The Las Virgenes Water Municipal Water District offers some sweet rebates (read: more money in your pocket) when you make your lawn more water efficient. HOWEVER! Contacting them needs to be your very first order of business before doing anything to the yard. They are very strict with those bylaws. The Mackay's had only removed their grass when they put in the application for the program and were denied. They would hate for this to happen to anyone else, so consider this your formal warning from a loving neighbor.

This gorgeous Bougainvillea will only get prettier as we creep closer to summer!

A big thank you to the Mackay's for answering all of my questions about their much loved former home and for sending those fun before photos. I personally love the sketch, I hope they have that framed somewhere, what a creative memory.

And of course, a HUGE thank you again to Megan and Geo for being our Yard of the Month and for allowing me to come over and take some photos. I didn't really do it justice, but I tried. If you would like to see this yard with your own eyes you'll be able to find the address in the hardcopy of the newsletter. Welcome to the neighborhood Megan and Geo, are so glad you are here!

The side yard is not to be outdone, this Lipstick Echeveria is in full bloom

See a yard you like? Nominate your neighbors! Or yourself, we don't care. Send your suggestions to

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