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June Yard of the Month

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Congratulations to Bob and Cathy Robbins on Capricorn for being named our Yard of the Month!

Bob and Cathy are original residents of Fountainwood and their yard has evolved through many different looks over the years. Ten years ago they decided it was time yet again for their lawn to undergo a change and this time they opted for a low maintenance, drought tolerant look. Very forward thinking of them, given our current water restriction situation!

Thanks to artificial turf the lawn looks perfectly manicured year round. These days it seems like every other yard is turf (ours included), but at the time of its installation turf was not a popular choice. In fact, you could argue the Robbins' were trend setters. They know of at least one neighbor who decided on turf as a direct result of their yard, and today we now live in that former neighbors home and reap the benefits of its beauty and non-existent maintenance.

A gardening enthusiast himself, Bob selected and maintains much of the yard himself. Most of the plants used are drought resistant, including the yards prized focal point, a beautiful Strawberry Tree.

Hanging Geranium baskets line the walkway to the front door and are the perfect accent piece. Indian Hawthorne bushes, China Roses, Asparagus Ferns, Azaleas, Stonecrops, Jasmine, and Heavenly Bamboo round out the rest of the botanical contributions in this pristine and perfectly tailored yard.

Again, a big thank you to the Robbins! Thank you for sharing your yard with us all. If you would like your yard featured, or would like to nominate a neighbor, please send us an email at

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