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August Yard of the Month

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Congratulations to Larry and Bonnie over on Pisces, you have been named our Yard of the Month for August!

Would you believe this charming front yard was designed and created not by a landscaper, but by Larry and Bonnie themselves? That is right! With exception to a little manual labor to remove the previous landscape, Larry and Bonnie planned and executed this yard with only their two green thumbs. It took them roughly 4 weeks to complete the transformation, and to this day they enjoy making little improvements and tweaks as the need arises.

Like many of us, the desire to redo their yard came from wanting to make it more drought tolerant and to take advantage of the Las Virgines Water rebates. They knew they wanted a dry creek bed to trickle down the lawn, and as you can see, this creek spurred the inspiration for much of the design.

You'll see "Edgar" the tortoise basking along the bank, as well as other lawn ornaments like toads, cranes, and pelicans. There is even a small wooden bridge connecting the two "banks". One look at this yard and you will feel as though you are standing amongst a lush wetland far away!

On either side of the "creek" you will find a bounty of drought tolerant plants. Three Melaleuca Trees trees stand guard, and you will also find Coprosma, Jade Plants, Heavenly Bamboo, and Eugenia, to name just a few. With this many plants, something is always blooming and the garden enjoys a fluid aesthetic as the year progresses.

The front yard is fabulous, there is no question there, but beyond the walls and gates of the backyard lies a secret. Larry is a passionate model train enthusiast and their backyard has been transformed into an impressive land of trains!

What started as just a small space on the side yard has expanded to encompass much of the outer parameters of the yard. There is a large bridge connecting the side yard to the tracks on the far side of the pool and a village of miniature people can be seen going about their day amongst the tracks.

The intricate design is a site to behold and you find yourself wondering what it would be like to be transported into its world. It is evident a lot of care and love has gone into creating this world, and that goes for the front yard as well, of course!

You may not be able to see the impressive railway system at their home, but if you hurry over to the Ventura County Fair you can see more of their expertise. Heavily involved with the local model train community, Larry and Bonnie helped build the impressive display at the fair just outside of the Floriculture building and many of their trains are currently there. Thanks again for sharing your home with us, Larry and Bonnie!

If you would like to volunteer your home for Yard of the Month, or nominate a neighbor, please send us an email at!

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Jessica Carter l DRE #01490419 l 818.590.4246 l

"Your Fountainwood neighbor and local area specialist"

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