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April Yard of the Month

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Poppy power! Never has the state flower looked as good as it does in this front yard over on Barragan!

Many years ago, Phyllis and Richard were two homeowners just trying to make their front yard look nice. At first they tried maintaining a classic front lawn, but soon grew tired of the constant watering and upkeep. The grass just didn't want to grow and they were sick of fighting the up hill battle against the desert. So they did what many of us do and sought a more low maintenance, drought tolerant option. Always a good look, they planted some succulents and admired their beautiful new lawn. Unfortunately... the succulents didn't make it. Yeah, they died. It happens. Discouraged, they figured their yard was doomed and kind of gave up on it.

Then one day fate stepped in. While attending an Arbor day celebration at either the Conejo Valley Botanic Garden or Gardens of the World in Thousand Oaks, they can't remember which, they were given a free packet of poppy seeds. When they arrived home, Richard ripped open the pack and flung the seeds across the destitute lawn. Why not? They had nothing to lose, right? If they grew, they would have a beautiful yard. If they died, well, the seeds would be just another casualty of the lawn.

Phyllis and Richard had low expectations for these seeds, so you can just imagine their surprise when some of the seeds took root and started to grow. It was an Arbor day miracle! The first year they enjoyed a small smattering of the brilliant orange buds, and over time that small patch has grown and grown into the all encompassing bouquet it now is.

And wouldn't you know, Arbor Day happens to be this month! What a coincidence! I did not realize that until I started to write this article. I think fate is trying to step in again. Arbor Day varies state to state (weird, but okay), in California it always falls on the last Friday of April, making it on the 29th this year. It's a little early, but the city of Thousand Oaks will be Celebrating both Arbor and Earth day on April 9th from 9 am to 1 pm at the grand return of their annual event. You can get more information for it here. Maybe you'll go home with a lucky packet of seeds as well!

Wild and Wonderful

Big thank you again to Phyllis and Richard, thank you for sharing your lawn with us. I can't wait to see how many flowers will "pop up" next year!

Had to take advantage and have a little fun.

No poppies were hurt in the making of this photo.

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